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Art and Biolab






Emutagen-VivoArts celebrates Body Art and the sex-activist community who are interested in outing 'the taboo', making ecstatic and experimental sexological practice an acceptable part of the everyday. ArtPorn underscores the orgasmic way of life, the uncovering of our hedonistic juvenilia that implicates the puritanical binary opposites of green (money) and grey (utility) in the world of red (blood), white (milk and sperm) and black (shit/soil.)


bioPorn Exerpts from VivaVivo:


What excites you below the belt? What makes you wet and swollen with lust? These are the sites of erotic interchange. These are the acts that make you cum. That is life. That is pleasure, even diabolical pleasure. Study lust. Lust drives biotech: Fantastic gender trouble. Fantastic taboo. Fantastic victimization. Fantastic biomorphic somnambulism. Fantastic reproduction. Fantastic creations. These technologies are actual, eroticised and semi-accepted cultural practice. Our children are children of technolust. Jacking online into the spermbank of antiquated morphology, this is tomorrows breed.

Usenet Heredity:

Reason is equal to human sacrifice, a huge fad based on cliques of thin air. Every protocol creates taboo. Every culture is a cult becoming massified. What is screened out is an anarchic void created specifically to stabilize what is screened for. Why sidewalks? Why toenail clippers? How do these architectures ensure the homeless? Are you off the locus? We build our foundations on normalized psychosis which doubles as a cohesive monument to everyday stasis. Fetish monomania is a precursor to many of our most specific cultural norms. USENET (www.guba.com) is our best guide to daily fragmentation. The uncensored imagebank of ‘what’s worth scanning’ is better than the Louvre. The varieties of monomania are our best next world recipes. Fragments of beauty are all in the eye of the polymaniac as beholder. This is culture, ranging from banality to beastiality and back. Usenet is the birthplace of our future bio-cultural norms.

Artificial Omnipotence:

The exploration of life is not predicated on moral grounds. Morality, or the artifice of benevolence, emanates from a lack of life experiences. On the same note, objectivist investigation is the money side of prostitution. We artists and scientists should play god. We invented the concept of a holy spectator and then succumbed to denial of our invention. If no one is watching, let us be the voyeurs and exhibitionists in the great show of revealing nature. But before we start again, let’s throw away beauty and reason. Let’s see if it’s possible to explore without some kind of artifice, without the gods of logic or joy. Surely the combination of creative lust and technical prowess has led us only to the realization of autoerotic fantasies: Veil after veil lifts, in slippery sheens of translucent tissue. The human genome project, new reproductive technologies, trans-species chimeras, breast milk pharmacies; we are our own tormented mirrors. The hidden will be revealed, fact-by-fact, corpuscle-by-corpuscle. Eventually, it is hoped by all erect explorers, Nature will lay open, legs in the air. Or for the more brutally honest, legs bound open in universal stirrups, screaming and heaving under the heavy-handed methods of investigation. All these novel explorations are fantastically pornographic but who is watching. She is We, biting and bitten, laid bare and scoped thoroughly. The original fantasies are maligned by concepts of beauty and reason. The present fantasies are maligned by visions of purchase power (feigned utility.) Perhaps these concepts have run their course? Perhaps they are inhibitory? Is there an omnipotent atheism that dos not lay claim to beauty, use-value, reason or wealth? Ask a sexworker. Who plays?

Becoming Alive:

Sexwork may explain why so many of the biophilic arts are tornadoes of abstract undulation. The animal magnetic swarms in colorfields of breathing swimming anarchy. Self-organizing patterns mingle in every corpuscle, every barnacle, every wallet and every insignificant schmutz. There may be no reason, there may be no rhyme, but we, as organisms, are implicated. We are part of the macrocosm and the microcosm. No hornet’s nest of taxonomy can stop our sprouting morass. And, there is nothing like the abstract time travel of magnification to prove how foreign and indescribable a universe we live in. Our universe which we try to buy and sell. Our universe that mocks control.