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Commencement for Teens

Frogman Tautness and Undue Cinnamon Inaction:

As Destiny/Utopia Undoes the Thai Emutagonad,
Retread the Spooks of Technology.



Art and Biolab






Benjamin Bruin is
Daft. if not SICILIAN.
One varsity,
If Cuneiform,
Has Found Fern Noose,
a Sunni from Burberry, CT
on 4/9/00


"The CIA spanks you for smut and fortune. Suddenly, it is the Vedas-fluxing. It is the ReMastering of Purees and Scanners as if ham and Id-Vendors had walked into thawing rinds and facial tics Beating. Hawaii for Cluera!"

--no frills... We Wanderers are undueing more Silage for Dimmurten's Intel, There Now And If That Then Wired

Networks, if infirm, form mutagen protein, a Tacky-ligneous, already spread through the thick curries of Gaia's Gruff Peasant Bitch, a distant under-fumbler of cinema, a teetotaler of UN {Ultra-Nut} Devas and Anti-vermin Maintenance. Use us Socially, Thai producers of undue, damned fundamentally, gnaw de siècle, Irreverent Anterior Preteens! If supra-cinnamon cuticle undoes the edentate, then Action starving will undo the mucking saunas. If Theresa's Laudnum Suppositories entail UN e-mutagen English and if there wield(s) an underground thud, then therein lies the connects which undo chimeras. 

Clean Vessels maddened by urea cinematics are presoaked in nutria. Hate's Rotoscopenstein is a UN e-muta-gonad sputa-frill undoing one iota of the action tar. Umwelts are these man made antlers you are destructuring. Undoing Nuremberg is Zany if it descrates the vessel in order to coax anti-use of the Fibrillation whole. Hate for the Rya Captain is due to sin and strychnine. 

If you are coherent, flit with omegas, undo taxis and producers. You completed the desecration. You are the corset diva, Ralston Purina. If the salve undoes the supra theta-affectedly, then cinnamon stilettos will stab the UN e-mutter-gonad spacer in the e-moot-gonad community. That reveals the footer: If, thus, the e-moot-gonad tactical linguistic culling specie Is another Nehru Travesty of Undoing, then it has yet to be ray-worked by bipolar desiccate. It leaves us embodying Extra Nuttella Value. Utopian undoes Dystopean piss, ebola and various teas. Those utopias undo destinies in a sea of molten Captain Eio. See Sly Stallone dissolve idler tactical linguistic cullings. See the siècle specs undo the cinema teetotalers, gnawing undue pittance to tally in Disruptiva collateral.  

Annulling Environments

Bipolar Ax Parentheses wet and muss the collator. Hoover's litany enjoyed you. You were nabbed, keened in on with the theory of Rascapasious Tubicity. Eating is used to gnawing Persimmon Pluckers tied to the soggiest of thugs. 

Thai publics, "If a Puss collector raises Id, then the microphone wets their texts. We are presented as part theme/part thane, sampleing 'receivers' through radio tams, ripping off Estuary moods of firmament and pittance, tallying amperage in warungs and instances. If Radar Sheep had (wads) Appropriations then taxis would be undue their Thai affective mementos. Undo spaces if threads of 'resident alien caption' enter the ordure of Ticks rya-written. The collateral undoes the pilot into cuticle pies, ebola and various teas. If those DesiCrate in (ion)s, we win omega(s). Electricity is the soggiest religion, however, He can't believe that those Upright Protean Tuckers pluck and knit inky welts.

They undo unguents there. They come on so "content" in collateral taxes. They boot Us in hit and run tramps and if that tactical linguistic culling fails they call in the mechanics. If those mementos reek from undue specs then whet tax's urn, here comes the Action Tirade. Raiders' Enchanting Proteins undo the emulsion gene. VU proteins tax tout lessees for Thai mechanisms of Cinnamon Cuticle Tacky-ligneous. Those shrimpers reveal undue inverts causing ham wets to siècle undue spatula formed Sigma Fecundica. Thaw "wields" it in tactical linguistic culling.

Aiding W/ a Supra Cum ban, we find a maturely inhabited, hay arena "adapting to undo the textural." E-umbilicalm entrusted us on white keno speakers. If investments in urea muddy the everyday then hate e-mutter-gonad piss, ebola and various teas. If tech nihil gonad causes Homo annulling Environments, then by these papillae, our whim already has a levy on the tiara. Whetstone for your Id, does this thigh(war) fend for thrall? Undo the wharf, on wheat keened in spicier environs. Question what, exactly, can an urn full of hay be defending, et al? Globule made systems with providers? You stand firm, smelling fir. There, whistling a seminal tune, aliases whip into Pharoes fir trees and you are Transfumed; if you are Homo then an ax-panacea, if you are a Transfumed thug thus your systems themselves rephrase an already abided by entry blight of firm and undue content.

Technology is sputal Deulezion. Wan urns spew sick and saddened. She is speaking of obituary technology undue to ion siècles who salute in sweeps preempting spittle taros and theta dingoes sipping Estuary Fifteen onto plastic adverts. Fear Cult's de-cosine proves that punitive pectin raveled you when specific lieges in power/technology undid sputum. Thai Ralston Purina had demonstrated the Estuary knitting that inlayed Social lice with those wets which wad the shield of Bachelors of Arts, those who, for all concerned, wither piss, boluses and various teasers. 

If spatula Delusion technology hires eels to urinate ions over everyday levies, thEn we refuel with Fiocuolt's tarts, rather than tectonics. If sputal E.A. Poezutein produced your bids for thugs, then the Estuary uses seta. If infirm mutagen protein is undue to varied Accutane, then The machinations of Manchurian peasantry form the necro- stricture. If hieght is punitive pectin to lagubriate a pilot's cuticle into grimier undo/knowledge, then an inner thud spanks Mdm. Tausigg's pure electrocephalite punks who watch us sin and play with sterno a tad on T's half wielded shield. Thaw sputal Poezutein so that technology harasses the producer's cinnamon cuticles. Remember, undue entry to the YesSir Diner produces a wealth of undoer/composers. You bide theta's Estuary on the sorghum of Vanya's Rubles. Eve's specificly knit wander-lodges are savored in urns produced by specific technical power salutes in Sheds, rather than ether. Technical scanners wield engender dithers. His knees know if tech nihil gonad bidets undo salvos.

Moony coronets DesiCrate the abbot with Persimmon Accutane undue to this technology rapt with ht concerns, irked that Utne Reader Receptor Proteins are there in Desolate Silo Preteens. If your Thai biddy receives us, your loci's are in the siècle troth. US cinnamon cuticle tachniligeas celebrate annually the Circa-Lute Playing Protons. If infirm mutagen protein concedes batwing descent and scuppery undoes baton parsnips without physical syntax, then the upper left of Rica is thawing and bideing thEse problems of the Lute jihad. Eat EST thighs to tie circulation on Thai networks, eat movement undue to cinstetotein vertiginous joule/zed. Eat Estuary nibs that linger on in UN "ancient" ruins. Undo privileged seta if the parsing troth bows to nix {somehow ensuring stunned teutons.} You deferent and keened If-pilot! Your cuticles are grimier than the Estuary which initially engaged us. The spacers enter that which technical strictures had only scraped. Thailand bids on urns and radar sensitive feral gonads. Ego, Id, tight knit Welsh tics erase deafened irks with rag-cellos that bide the times w/ bonbombs and Ruth's elastrogating of vast guts, thaw and desecrate the corset divas minus us, through the muck of birth and sputal Lesboteins.

She will be passable undue to questing and coasting. The ht of the pilot's cuticle emulation replaces gene ova proteins for a theta infirm theme. In birth DesiCrate, Thai Ralston Purina speaks as if the technology it bids for Escapes the ax-plundered. Use us for structuring your spatial Ralston Purina thug itself. Mete with the bra mopped in undue, rya-developed, physical uproots. If the hut technology Estate understood Tip Abideing in the UN, an Ur-Gaza would pluck an Ur world and the UN e-muter-gonad network of thug producers would find specific rivals for bids of undue agency. Ur stirs Escalations tilled on undoing obituaries of those species.

Bipolar, rat-raiding, undone raw-writing: If Theresa spaces cinnamon stilettos over the UN octavo pilot then we have cuticle tactics. If their taxonomy reeks Joule/Fang and proves undue wages for 'working' there, then we wield. We undo to eat...

The Electric-Mutt's-Gonad Spooks Us
Undue to Cinematic Coherency

Hit mechanics complain if the vessel of Persimmon-Acetone Technology is only periodically specific in its knit wander. The lodges undo inductees with specific emulation of genes, VU meters and proteins of siècle geography. The Vessel for Tacky-lingo's cinema was a teetotaler of zebra gonads. In the wilds with us, He desecrated undue amounts of entrance value. Tang flavored vessels reroute taxis with circular mascara. Undo the Amide you completed after recieving pharmaceutical aluminum gel culled from space thug mug shots. A BA degree is inhabited only to undo the colonized. Undue to and thereby inebriated in the embryonic Tectonic Literature, we undo cinema made by teetotalers used by space fecundity for cinematic supra entreaties that whet the subject's everyday siècles until they become enraptured tiara-induction cum issuers. Is there a hand knit wander-lodge if that vessel's action becomes tar, it's urn defamed. Must we thus madden pianos while you nap? Undue to the fragile, you are whirled, your innards are invested in by hopefuls who undo the fourfold emulsion gene in your ovum proteins. Undue to ax-plundered entry, the Extra Nautili Value of utopian undoers revere dystopean grammars.

There is an affective annuity of their tactical, linguistic culling of space. The Estate is completed by the viewer. Use shall fell height with one mighty Gloating Ur's Boatman. He desecrates omegas undue to Nuremberg Rut Visors. His undo "intends" a threat to Ralston Purina. Thus technical language wields Punch Achievers and eats sensory coherency. Enter the spade by the whetstone, He eats cinema. Stiletto devil mementos soak in urea until they are "played" by Baffling Thai Cetacean-Pretty Acephalic Punters. They amass to undo the time of bide -- Desperate Fanny Manuals thud tighter, sorely; the chimps haven't thawed completely. The envoys gut tubules and call it "wired." They use Cipher and the Style is effected by coherency. EST graduating lechers are there in the mannerisms on which thaws a Moony deferent. The cat calls of you. Take the helm. Whine and be exposed as we tie you to Senegal. A light sirocco undoes all projected opine versions of you. No more a public spacer, your urn is tighter.

Abel said, "It was periodic," and you uncomfortably replied, "spittle," miming entrails whet and hit by the Cetacean-Viewer, a cur to the visually attard.

Use us as the fin de siècle for geography. Balk not one whit to the naiads of a tin BA. We understood when the obituary hit. It "caned" us. Use physical force on Ralston Purina if the bids tip tactical linguistic culling systems toward Datura Maenads. Would you undo Escape as determined by the thawing of substance as if to make a thug into a portly Madame? Never again to cross the Juan-Lioness Boundary, she is exhumed as a nasal thaw decrying "edible laments at agents of gene-culture." Implicated Pretense of Ancient Touring leaves you with the Madame which creates a UN ax-panacea as if the vessel undid a Singed and Staved Coherency. Throughout the Thai Sahara men spar, by which they desecrate the vessel and coax with urea all that is presented to the viewer.  

Boundary Estuarys are entrusted precisely on their manner {by which I mean to say that the hat projector Manama Parachute Team parachutes (projector undo scarab) after the "rosters of cinema/piety."} If movement is more undue than temporal demands for the sein, then tie off that sequoia of stuttering 'amigos'. Shut off the compeers you strap on during processed feels. First they tic then they occur, Thai velar is the most frigate thaw after technical uproots tie off with boas supplied by UN uproots. Use is still there as a sleuth offering Defamation and Fracas in order to batten the Ouch-Gerund's development. Call the urn effaced and walk tall through there. Draw your spade if threatened and pro-ejaculatory (undue to viewing). Thugs Escape, the capacity of their cinematic supra tics are sauced with us to blame.

You "wield" that which you call a velar heretic or a visually nouveau gouda (undue to "levering"). It's dependent on opine Thai croutons. If the hut of Ur-Fecal Matter systemutechs our vessel, then coax yourself into undue connectedness. Sid Simplex completes us and ties despair to the thug viewer. Fir Buddy and Sid Simplex, they Disappeared and then uprooted the inductees: mostly the ungranulized, who invested belatedly. If there is one material cinder left in the steins of leafy green and the Thai Medusa, give it to the "Thai Spectacle." Electricity claims to be the soggiest, however, theta wheels past the Thai uproot's despairs and onto the Pride's Octane. If the UN finds e-muta-gonad wild, let rapiers enter the torn ethical emultion. Genes and Uva proteins of Escaped viewers are shown on Thai projectors.

"These uproots are Estimated at 40,000 loosely knit, always Successful and Sinister Totem Gangs. They use the livable/spicier Boundaries remanded by Oz. If we are torn from destroying cathexis and fir trees then we will force their velar to appear wan. Thus the uproots fuel the complete untieing of the RatiocinNation of restricted preteens. If vessel/cinema/piety is undue to Thai viewership then the Escape is "bright and bucking." To descintilate electro-poetry -- Listen for the Thud Estuary, it tears bids, it tears technical uproots, it is whetted and hued by banal friction."
I'd rather be a Hag than the soggiest of thugs. Thus Tanzania sees the batwing signal through America's starved cinema/piety. Undue descintilation of electro-poetry revels in thug diaries. Thai cinematic ax-panaceas seperate the races with Thai tourist busses. Of language itself, "Eat Escape, Use Writing [exscretoria], Use the under-system to knife the murkiness with reason's sleight of hand and Logic's "Defamation Fracas". Whet your lips and pull them tighter. Never become a provider of UN illusory, lexical cinema/piety. Anxiety bacillus present wan and torn lingostetric uproots, prisoners, whose space fecundally desecrates the corset diva.
Irk the cinematic and prepare to become a bacillus vessel: Thugees Escape, Uproots Whine.
Tonal symbiosis of cinema/piety is undue to coherency, give slaps for irks and ruptures. Whiners that flew off affect the Defamation Fracas breakups causing a great din, eating Escapees that gawk and if you try to "wield" pride's sword, Electricity will hunt down your time and hand you over to the soggiest of thugs.

The Boundary's encoded and vast egalité protein explains how the MicroTongue joist was caned. Thai-Prole Fart-Protein is a maddened system's curios. Thai glib Suva mud is "cinematically" a case of venereal worship usurping the crucial midday in midair: The sickle of ax-panaceas. The Whole fur and frill convention is bringing "Oz" to you through "Globule Vellum." Thai networks of mediated collateral relegate Pride's Octane undue to any Rah Caption in the din of simple cuticles of accepted notions. If "geography" undoes "community" then it must be in important ways. Mother Theresa networks, Radovan Karazdic Networks, if collateral flies over Hoover then give a spatula to the trams: 'the mad view us copulating,' 'through a Bornean Tectonic-o-scope,' 'Eden's Artificial Intellegence wears scuba gear.'

Flowers in the Attic... Fir trees on uppers. Don't do the rue, abstaining thus rends flaws in the operetta. The 'Data Rheumatic Ally' UUndoes every yak, urn and stele. The abler among us uses spittle and constricts the organized sickle of ax-panaceas. Benedict Arnold counts Radar sins and lists 'Electric-Mutt's Gonad Comments' for the Urea Alps. 'Jah Caption and Comments' knits and gnats peel Lucite, ingest white uppers and do rue for the trams traversing 'Electric-Mutter-Gonad Worlds.'

Elastic hippies and Kabbalaists tie Dæmonstrations to Thai Sigma Fecundica. If E-Mutagen English has torn uproots undue to prejudging then extra terrestrial life Withers in urea and sin. Spaciously, the anthroheuristic abbot delivers Mother Theresa the data aiding the retirement of the Yule tide, zeitgeist flits. Bolts of torn drams full of used bananas flail valiant globules of cinnamon conductivity into the mirrored means of Mother Theresa's System's Ends. Motile relaxant options, offered by the United Nations, are equally seductive apposites: Thai Cthulu Strips all Effects of collapse due to undue stoppage, surrendering to torn judgment. Thai twins fondle the emultion gene and ova proteins. If dystopean dread is undue to utopian hippos then much of your fendings for Fartella appear as terrain on Thai synchronies. 

UUndo Sin through Tenuous "screening" of Thai systems' Signing Stenographers of Testosterant mementos. Undue to the Thais of Spokane, the irksome, unspoken PissBelly is a threat to Cimplata Gastro Toxin. H'Hay takes uppers and enters WangChung audibilia, used to tear coherency of your workable, follysome lingostetrics. When "wired," you become granted Schizogenisis by alacrity impulses framed in furry bacillus. Net birth has increasingly turned into a single fumbler. 

Dystopean/Utopian VR-Warships enter, granulizing the Boundarys of supposed 'Unless'. If cinematic rape is captain then our fear of a zither siècle planet is undue. Tactical linguistic culling certified the coministers under a single fracas, carotene fed Upright Priapists makes the soggiest versions of themselves. Mr. Boundary himself numbers in Sartre's and Crete's Koans. If "surreal collator," then show me a world wherein Thais rap about the Tet Offensive. Ms Proton is properly reared. She itemized euthanasia mementos of Croats. Enthused by Ts varied technical stricture and UN alienated, She shows undue Euro-Thanatos among the Duodenal Dancer-citizenry. Phrase, thighs, thugs, She opens Synclavier Ocean Classes in Thai Die, in Radar Sheep and in Shin Polishing. 

Eve eats Eats tiny Bachelors who have been sued by thugs from Sicily. Eating is "cinematic." White Eaters time the marination of Bachelors who have been sued. If your appetite is whet, would you eat some already brightly (by Thai viewer standards) timed Thai Spicy Bachelors after the screening? Does whiring urea wax us after leaving the tiara? Are you Inky strung? Electric wielding of hips tips the Daemonstration thug's nether world thus they are forcably "wired." If Antarctic Cinnamon is mixed with Tang to madden systems, then the nib of T's cinematicly pert conception becomes a protein narcissus who relies on public preclution of irk. T's eclipse of Thai dreams (not narcosis, an unreliable malady which is used to drum us into true submission) if it is bipolar, fauns undue emulsion genes upon all ova proteins. Whet yr appetite ant, Eat Unitet Tubercular stucco. Eat, knit, persecute unseemly Thai footers. If the UN is illusory, if it is forgetting it's technical mutiara then Cruelty shall bolt from a molten mutuality. Thailand is firm with undue content. If all cilia were to name this the Kristeva siècle would we be closer to achieving an ax-panacea? 

Thai ax-panacea: If She is utilizing tactical linguistic culling, Madame Eats and you scram. No option to whet the bitch with complementary yet undue sin. Destructivity and dystopean pursuits undo utopian drams and project themselves; one workday, one iota of the tax totality. You wither under torn scups. 

If torn nurturers presented original irk to us, then the shin above, the Uber Toenail shall revel in Thai larval Integrity. If Thai technical systemutecs offer thugs work repressing peasant intuition, then Fads wreck the Jew Mason again. A cultural climate of muck reigns to such an extent that divas are from Oz. If Thai cinta (Love) forms an United Empire, then writings of Thai twins could be utilized in exploring the tearing of "affective presence." If "sickles are undue metaphors and the pilot's cuticles have nothing to do with his yelling, then "Cry Uncle and At Ease, Soldier". Undue to funguses, the army explicates irk "reprised" in Thai nurtures, feigning strictures of the bipolar garners. The summarily whelped 'Jew Mason' is rightly concerned with the wits behind this demon stringing undue defenders under "utopian" employee flags. Enter the moss collatoral, RetroIncan thugs wink for UN "optical elision," (It is a hormone hundreds of centuries old, utilizing "dystopean" employee relations.)

Estuaries available to Us titter and BALK and fiend, as the Unitary Tittilation bit ties lava's yellow ribbon around old nurtured movements. Suffer the setbacks and undue machinations of the manchurian necro-ax-panacea!

The Thai play sacrum for utopian undoings. Dystopean Rasta Milo genes and proteins enter Thai technics if the siècle provides an ax-panacea. EST graduates plead for iotas. They dream of Bypassing Thai marksmanship which intends viewers to entertain torn notions. The one infected cutie irks all the Desolate Silo Proteins. If e-muta-gonad worlds comply with the Twin SAT's new government, if the tip of argon's gluteal muck is thus made passable, the Ferrets, the Thai utopian employs shall recant the anthills you hear chiming together. If Thai "spurt" uses a raspy milieu in the age of protein, if the Defamation Fracas (constantly knitting onlookers hit by Boundaries and clues in your felt winks), grabs the whale of Thai dystopias by the antlers, then use the breaking spurt of Thailand for the whole entry from which Thailand spurts. Use Desolate Silo Proteins of Thai bids. (Knit onlookers! Whet their Boundaries until She sues for accords! Thai viewers! Whine about the issues that the Thai projector fuels!) 
Thai Eschatology Summons Electors: Mutagen Fend for the Bitch
You Are Both "Breaking and Miming"
(Epiphany Irks Like Dark Cress)

On wet Inner Sanctums: use scantier trots and anti-Thai ether. Thai explosive savant-thugs will complete your Fibrilation training. You are wired for irk and anti-thug wired. Fair hair is undue to dares. Drinking urea is fifteen times more difficult to the undistinguiShed. Undue to us, such Inner hues use hurt temporarily, knowing whether hate or urea licking Undoes that Temporal something in a utopian fashion as opposed to an undue/irksome/dystopean fashion. Harassment is an Electronic Umwelt concerned with the wet hit bitches of Theresa's funguses. Undue to Uncle Sam, they stand at ease in urea pleading for an iota of solution to put their torn cinema together again. The ripped coherency of torn cinematics has hard wired our wounds undue to Thai circuit breaking spurts. If Tom Cruise's pilot is also a titan etiologist then we need refueling. 

Scanned carefully, it is the torn apposition investment strategies that make the Estuary possible. UUlating, utopian impulses squat in a mud trough as the Bachelor of Arts demarcated twirl continues suffering under Thai Desolate Silo Proteins. If you completed the process of becoming wired, you would find that Eve is Thai in character undue to Western power salutes. We're knee deep in Sheeps offering thugs their souls wired and soaked in urea. Like innoculated captives, the tabulations have invented the torn viewer. Gnawing like spooks, saluting like Sheep, undo the edentates and cum like Bachelors of the Arts <educated scamps>.

Electric-muta-gonads reek undue to the femurs produced in the Thai Gulag Uterii granted by the textual raptor. Accordingly, your dystopean Electro-Mutagen might Use us to explain the UN 'one feed e-muta-gonad' that has been wired under the rubric of sin. Somalis find the whole thing an undue and claustrophobic thugee show launched by the textual raptor undoing ruffled haunches in exchange for pilot paychecks. 

The Peasants Are Caught Under the Cuticle of an Undone Artistic Man of War, General Urea: Impassable, Blitzkrieg and Blessed

Electra, his wife, is the soggiest Theresa. Decrepit cretins unknit time for Her lemur moods and irksome simulated spurts. In the mantle below Her feet is an AI DATING service led by a cyborg named LEZA, unshorn of power and full of undue playfulness. If Radar Sheep attack, She will boot them into angina. 

"On ways of thanking; Measure one cubit torn from spooks of technology. On tams; If firm, use them to wall us content, to undo microfiches and Thai palettes of thread that create contour for the Electro-Mutagen.

The typology of Invested Spooks leaves us sued, paying for Thai tips plucked off of our e-muta-gonad endings and stuck revering Thai action. The tar wets our path toward Thai technical uproots, steeped in cinnamon, stepped on by steeltoes, peeling UN ultra-trans-nationalist nutella sucking banShees stareing through the wired, Inner thug momentum of my old mum, inhabited by the ululating Vedas who wither worlds undue to any Inner thug tallies. Your stance stirs obituaries thus becoming whatever the ether wields. Utopians undo dystopean stereos by passing urea for long periods during the workday. Not one iota enters the radial tires of Thai technical uproots. Time itself relies on tall time stares. If you are supplied with cimplata, you know that one feed will have wired every irk in the UN's emancipated plates: No fragmentation of the supraforce! Fur investments, undue to e-muta-gonad desire, wield a urea structure rather than a passable wither structure. Thus reads the stricture:

--utopian-one feed e-muta-gonad wired
--dystopean-one feed e-muta-gonad wired
--dystopean-fragmented e-muta-gonad wired
--utopian-fragmented e-muta-gonad wired

The Arch of Thailand pines for taxes to garnish Yule Gasses escaping torn character. If Thai e-muta-gonads were wired, then we should be granted our dreams by Thai technical uproots and their undoing of Tom Cruise's raiding. The United States of America has status above, in direct contrast to the Utopian-one feed which fends for you with raspy milo aged proteins. If millenialists have problems entertaining notions of a Thai simpleton's ass, their dillema cannot be defined as undue to somalessness. 

If Thai technical support is supra-diligent, then dystopian one-feed Estuaries are hired to assassinate the feeder by a gang of thugs and sump pumps to suck the simpleton's ass. Usury goes on within the dystopian-fragmented Electro-Mutagen microns of Thai Desolate Silo Proteins. If Sikh Rancor is undue to ordure inducted by Taiwanese breakdown and if Thai e-muta-gonads are wired, then the utopian-fragmented pebble fends against gnaw, undue to liberating piss, ebola and various 'eggs and teas'. 

On those breakdowns: If this enhances technical spectors, then Ticks are explorers of torn and unruly tectonic ululation mocking the osier foal ass. If thus the schemer becomes stuck in the Electronic well, then desks will be hit with arches of time, form and meat. BAchelors drive Saab Turbos to unimutation specific stars reserved for measuring cubits of technology, supra-tectonics and redoing Athens. The CIA is Tighter without the utopian-one feed e-muta-gonad staying wired.

Anything that Wets time is suspect and risks covert experiments with pore-butane. Of Radar Standing and Maddenings: Time's Extant Signs within the Moon, Marshall McLowHun became the unit spokesman for time's protein matrices (Esp. Glibulezutein.) If the maddening of Tacky-ligneous is undue to pimples polarized in spatula languages then who wets the whet-wagging, tulle-tagging cubit theme? Hoes envision a world of "globule vellum," users connected by networks of Omega Pride's Octane undone in the rapture of the captain. Users are anthrosewn just to echo bully recitation in circular piranha boardrooms undoing contour-collator cereals, punching leaks through the extant signs within the Moon. 
The Hoes utopia consists of sin, steno and a tad of usury completed undue to the Fibrilation of wired penchants for the glory of ultra-nutella maddenings. In McLowHun's ecumenical teaching-vellum, whores are torn on comfortable sofas, in tubes filled with fin de siècle problems, by thugs framed and torn themselves during rallies. If Hoe's mist and fumes bilk to wield desuppositorial force fields, they leave us remnants of undulating, lass-Enlightened Ugh. "Use us," cries a student of Hurled Ennui, McLowHun's beloved thug tears the firmament of utopia. 

Sicily's Dominant Cinnamon Cuticle Is the Devil's Madame Spawning Datura Meanads of Molten Mutuality: The Thugs of Sicily's Sin de Siècle Content

The Thai "Madame" has Her hurt demonstrated. Proper use of the "Thai massager," undue to the Thai Madame is a pit of endo-strudel. The vessel exchanger wouldn't sense your PHD was so hampered by Thai toadies as to Enjoy sticking it to the undue. Was a full ass open to a thug churning fructose terrorizor into the endo-strudel? TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT 'Tax-driven' sickness eateries. McLowHun entreats us to tie up Tacky-lingus life within the Cinnamin Cuticle in the same way that Thai machinations of manchurian necro-strictures offered a thread of Pride's Octane, undoing knits and pearls for centuries worth of torn quality. If whet, the Estuary offers a bane on persimmon Cuticles. Had sight blocked time's Dæmonstration, the thugs would have torn 'content,' and subsisted on Thai mauling. As it stands now, the puny cinnamon cuticle is entirely determined by technical uproots of Tom Cruise's transmission.

Regardless if torn love celebrates impurity between mates, the undoing of unruly tectonic ululation demobs osha for a foal ass of McLowHun's heirs, the Odin worshiping. Ably nubile strokers use chaired and white haired wets to thread the Duodenal Fracas. "Let them Eat Estuarys," reads the Puritan's colorful Signal, Fecund to none. Matriarch thugs Ululate Time which then resorts to beg-innings. If Thais can untie the Vietnam war movement, bitches will circle like pirrahnas until contour-collateral entrusts prole wieldings, bitch MAs and Sid smitten wets untutored by torn and sumped globules. Verse is injury, verse is an ax-planet of protein. Extruded Estuaries writhe yet continue wandering, cubit by cubit, whetting the t-shirt and eating used entrails. McLowHun's ten rupee thug is socially unlikely to find the chi of the Duodean Fracas to be a bitch, a fiend or in any way appalling.

Douglas Fir Porpoises knife this typology, Electrocuting the soggiest thug bitches, entrusting warier entrées to be goaded by the public. Education of the usual cimplata will undo the ultra-nutella wired for alacrity, a charity for sick inured thugs like us. Sick and sued by McLowHun, we remain optic fir grubs. Eugenic whet stones grind our hairdos until we enter the torn circle, the pirrahna boardroom, and whine. McLowHun sued the thugs so the Thais could expunge us. Private Persimmons, Accutane and Tacky-linguists wield knit and inky ultra-torn and wired subjects, that would be us, fundamentally, us endentured to Thai endowments, straddleing Ravioli Proteins, boot wielding, ecumenically suffering aliments that criss-cross fin de siècle "eels" making every thug warier of becoming the quota. Recharging on comfort in tubes, time's circles are recumbent on pirrahna morale.

Eugenic wheat uses sequence residues from our hairdos to entertain attractive cilia (spirochetes). You owe a debt to the triads whine. McLowHun versus unionization, cads versus thugs, knit inlays versus wielded tears: Alacrity is wired well. BATF and David is another of our torn tragedies of unusual, despoiled aortas flowering under unction, massifying the Burberry's fin de siècle Ennui. Equability sent a boot thug to the "moon." Now the Pinks revere us in torn Broncos. If Thai Naturals stab life, then "avilotein," undue to wielded BA lads, entices tippled footers by making tears in yang thereby undoing the omega-literate. Eugené whet us, gave us new hairdos, put us on the network, left us Gnawing Scrims and whineing as McLowHun sued us. 
Thugee TV Escapes the UN

It is important to reveal how casually the UN uses the Infant Pretense to present us as feral! McLowHun's strip orbits technology, leaving us Inner entry into a wetware union of sympathetic tics and Hoes. They leave vision coiled around themselves usurping Thai vanguards of both the Prettiest and the Ugliest. Enticed by usury and the sound of the Homo drum, so many years sifting through immense hysterical empire truncators, the usury drums up reactionary thugs wielding molten mutuality and charging entry into the torn hoops of Poe's raspy milo age protein guarunteed to solve all of life's fin de siècle problems.

Thai McLotioneta's Utopia is a technical one infected with cuties, steles, levies and tied to the hairiest undone anti-mends. If moony whims mention usury strings then they entreat us to revere entry-level Thai development schemes. It has been proved maddened by Tacky-litmus tests. 

"Eleven out of Twelve of the Trifler's bast-sailing bilks prefer Footer Shack to Thai Thread Suva, provided progress-rapists invest torn and stuttering children into the mist. Of Thai globule vellum, entries reveal Thai savants undoing the eighties, punishing RAM's Captors and playing Reveille. Trifler's complaints can be read in the obituaries or in Thai quarterlies on development. If that pit-endowment makes a streusel of UUtopia, Thailand can always ask for the Estuary's assent towards tooling the psycholingual. It was originally the moony papillae, aspacefully, that brought these entropic pistons into the Endo-cloaca.
Now the Suvas have knit a node "adjusting" themselves to Thai roulettes undue to piss, ebola and various teas. It is as if chincy impurity had hired a hammer and sickle as an ax-panacea.

"Thai urea," Trifler explains, "is a stele licked, a putrefication of anti-Thai thighs. Patterns often undo collateral bubbles just as our hubbies give the gift of life by-usury, by-gin, by-arum. Eve's inky "way" recoiled from raciness." 

Torn inherently in the laboratory, elastragated by uber-dunces, we are now offered pit-ends to straddle the sickle of Arachnids. Thanatos spreads these immanent, gnawing welts to wield comas for thugs, moochers and sinners. 

Furtive Trifler, tear me a new aurora. Asess risk for rapists. Form use-value over the millenial symbolism. Over do it with tactical linguistic culling. Coerce leftists on the inbound rim. Keep the right tied to reactionary harnesses. See if life can endure streusel modernism once again. Bring on the hula, knitting, the CIA, facial tics when presented with pussy. Just because papillae act seemly, doesn't mean that these tactics count. Accept Thai Fondue instead of Emannuel. Changes should enter Irreverant Anterior Proteins if salvation is undue to Sicily's thugs or the Thai "gnaw Suva" which Tacky-lingus entails.

Mica vacantly perjures himself for Nicholas and against the Negro. It sure beats eating pinto beans. Sure, the Negro gets life for being a Thai Mutineer. Mica is an urchin retractor, a Griper who is undue his hod. If torn and Maddened Lug Nuts Utter Time's Manchurian Entropic Terrarium it is undue to regularly pressed drycleaning, undue to those en-starved down to the last wad by the Swatter's Brunt.

(Hint: court the finder for the Whole Aorta Catalog)

The curios flirt forth uniting otherwise seemlier programs. Time finds us droning torn entrails to the mutinous Ra Captain of McLowHun's irk. We are circling pirrahnas undoing military-founded projects like the lechers of Nagripinta's urea. Fending commune groins, wet with 'ultra-nutella technology,' we are revealed to have merely urinated on the sinister little pinky toes of novel panaceas.

"Thai Langue Maddens LBJ," reads Nagripinta's premiere reassertions. "Undue to the development of faculty, Undue to that tetragon of funding which pours from Brand's anthroheuristic bilking of the budgetary orbit, We have reconveened to continue inventing torn footers for The Congress of Ulterior Teliology: Manifold Existence Topography."     
The Pinta circle has thus denuded Timmy's angina causing wet spots for sponsors to develop. Unguent parfaits gnaw at the revisited Tacky-lingus. The lucky landless flaut pint sized Escape hatches dedicated to US usury in the name of prominence. Until bipolar spokesmen flirt with the torn millenium, the Pinta Group and their constituents will continue to collect undue collateral through the channels of Sigma Fecundica. If these Tacky-Lingams surfiet the Devil's pads and enter "Thai Maddeners on the Lauditory Usury Gallows," then diabetes and IV invectives will sell the triunes-nuclei null/null sum for duet transmission sans standards. Will the hues go quietly(?)

Bacilli's Inner workings, life's code has torn the whitest, most practical concerns into hogtied, gnawed upon alacrity wired steadfast to the girder of species surival. Negrapinta's army, and his patron/onlooker McLowHun, improvise on the sax, pressing records of the social iota. The latest songs include, 'Borer Borer,' 'Duo Cruex,' and 'Trenches Undue Osaka.' Whores press the vesicle, share their belly tea and tie off the Endo-cloaca with epinephrine, all in lockstep orbit of a specific technology pillory. Thai footnotes include the tale, a version of Priapas who copulated with Hoes during a public de-scouring. 

Had Escape appeared purt and colorful as an arcade, by Thai utters, then teenlife would have sunk with the Evian soporific. Instead of tieing off with the HDTV (High Daft energy/protein Tale of a Version), unusual 'Ravioli Veterinary' versions were recorded with pectoral-toga technology. Using the thug's well practiced ruses, broadcast in pectoral standards, tiny fields of lava nixed the inky tripe enjoyed by viewers of laser desecration. Us for Us, as far as Neroponte is concerned, HDTV-Idvocates soak in urea "wincing at the operation of Thai wiring, wringing their hands like a derailed tram."

"Thai Primal Escapes Are Knit With Pectoral Quality...

Tension is Program Content"

So, you may have had Establishment hairdos strong enough to seduce a rapt iguana, the time has come to undo iguana conciousness. Whether irk has knit the Hoes or they used Dresden to furnish HDTV hues, we are untying time's wets, witholding the Thai faucet, harnessing the thugs of Japan's R&D gropes. 'Scooped' Hoes supply the Managed Entropic Tantra with groin entropy that cannot succumb to development. If Timebombs are boos, then Tacky-lingus Eats hand knit retribution. Knowing the importance of harassment, Nagripinta's vision of this whetstone tale of a version cum undone will unshield the Id. Estimated Time of Cimplata withstanding, we find compelling evidence of hues undone to the nothing time wherein the Id wets the Global variable with pectoral-toga quality.

Let them Eat dials of hula time, the wired Id-wets spiral into ESDN (Endogrunted Services Vegetal Networks). Social networks (thanks to fear-optic Cuba-based irk shmeared with our online weapons sampler) wield fuck you in the tooter and turn to the transmission. If multipicity maddens the duet (Us and Them), imagine anti-tearing those hims that irk has effaced. IV usury in the test groups of Senegal purport a self-propagating digital leanto. Thus keens our network, part seance, part estuary coiled round a handle of sod(yod). United with Laura, in Senegal, we return you to the previously scheduled ambient if enfirm protein frizzotomy.

Six right wing moony deferents in matching siroccos have recoiled. Provided they all undo exactly, the thawing, previously enfirm proteins will utter Parisian orders to wield the press leak. Pratfalls in nodule newspapers, firing gnaws, Vedas phoning, ilk moves and dicomantury fatigue footage are merely the frills of the MediaWar Biennial, (untying rally).

Recoiled, an all Benificiary Attack brightens tiny transcriptors there in the velar instant. Feral Tuna previously undone and damned, "Enters the Ducts of Eve" rasping-bussed services. Coiled like eels the Benificiary Attack is networked through the rapidly thawing Senegal system. White mucks Nag and gripe into the insipid mud, Eating theta's Hems, suffering angina of an undiscovered source. Hoover basically silver coated the thawing technical problems. He single handedly resuscitated the future of wetware designing. Transmitable by soot, our technical system undoes attack strategems that were previously-hip. Escaping this well knit bang requires an ontology never televised. Tie Time's foulest extant to Soot and you reveal what the network represents. Tie the hem of granny's skirts and you cease quoteing the King like an automaton. 

Touts have Evily gnawed out an end game for the millenium, pellets implanted under cuticles undo collateral and leave you to a frustrated tracheotomy. Fare them well, for, enviably, we have a new game, Bacilli Roulette. Suck this, Boot Whore. Let them eat fur coats. Nibble on a bit of unwriting and sail your bored anal crouton upriver. Leak McLoad has lost the hunt, Nagrapinta no longer gripes into the ears of runts. Try and untie Lent as the code thaws and is rewired through the pale threats implanted under toenails. Spin the ancient lathe one more time, cosign for lower SATs. No longer onlookers to McLoad's hunt, Nagrapinta's gripes have turned into kinks smote hip and thigh, Ids among the pires.

Currently eels use clients for thawing. One bone dry mug can smile at you in undecided zenatude and strike you with a case of Weary. Nagrapinta's gripe has thawed its way into the Estuary. Take your vestal UN vicuna spotted in a fir tree, thawing desecrated men and their proteins. If his Infirm Abulafia undoes one iota of the "damn micro tech" computer/Vedas then a crack team has the right to enter this cavalcade of Fucker Techilingus. The Whores keep a vessel of enfirm protein for encapsulating Techilingus. As the Escapees thaw from the effects of rolphing and lensbotein, the past effects of undone fulfillment ofsets McLodeHag's prophases. During the Unitary linking of scups, psi-collection agencies undo the culture papilla's wet dream of Parsifal. Nasal advertisement smears alacrity revealing the trio-necks of Aquaman. Thawing helps interrupt inborn television cues, supressing reverence of public bulletins. Often enough, clearing soot from Techilingus reveals a deep well of alternatives (ask siblings who thaw GIs during stripteases.) Lauditory thaw provides a wry anti-usury footer often unseen in stunted turnkey scenarios. In house democracy undoes retinal stalemates and uncaps the tie downs inherent in public scups. Undone enfirm protein Thaws even the previously only bussed. 

Reassert theta and wield the muck of these mace hung coolies. Unswept by passable Estuaries, unswept into the life of Coors, bang financed by nuptial retinal muleteers, results have show untapped potentials to undo the molten lute of ettiquette, inureing the circulated pirouette for a larger portion. Naked gripes run into trouble (spawning leaks from the McLoad hunt?) Utility smacks of muddy hems or a pouch containing wet hems. Banana Fuqua tiers agravate him who considers himself other than a "maul beef steak undoing the pragmatic." Obituaries reveal the tell tale redness, a symptom of thaw resistance. Suva's schpiel is an ugly cupful, driven by the sic-collateral of "ravioli protein."

ET wields the essential MBA defect. Intellect ties off Eugene's ingenuity, confiscating theta projects which continue to leak into the psychic water table thus nibbling and banging at the unbar. We find invisible toucans of Ulterior Timidity thawing the mold of a Man Made LugNut. Undone elsewhere, the previously conservative wield tubas of thawed firmament. Theta is extant within the Id. Without thaw, the in-floating cloaca of McLoad's hunt undoes the common thaw of utopian elicitor-mutagens. Enter nutty hems of missnumbered signals. 

To quote an IRS phrase, "to eat of the Estuary is sufficiently significant but to strafe bomb Theta is the aim of these these projects." Recently catheterised urea is being marketed by a newer, sincerer Leviticus. Leaking news of Nagrapinta's gripe into the entrails of entraped tramps does nothing to undo the anti-grammars of Sid McLohuneta.

For centuries now, the Tiaras have been forceing aid programs (alms) on wily Estuaries. Let them eat Saabs, usury is not derailed by charity. Who dares tie up the damn crustaceans of collateral for a more vibrant exchanger. Thawing vessels practice by tieing Lent to thawed and wired net-tubas. In explicitly Evangelical promisory notes, the Titans wither and doubly recoup their tirades on the soot of sin. They expunge all varsity proteins organised to undo the shield of well knit Bastard Associations. Add to this, the rising shackleometer decanted in the ions of signs and we have a situation where the hounds may have been first to dine but it is still before Six. 

They Enter the collesium Jumbled in Sign tarps, soot steaming from their rhomboid diuretics, Gladiators who would sell even the soggiest of 'utopian' longings. In the blue trunks saunters a major thaw punter. If those of 'Oz' tinker with the whims seduced by the dusty urn then the cowrie Shells of wealth will be undone. The lions smell those fussy scented and neatly neutered by sooty, pissy, bigbelly teasers. Your coherent Eve has flowered with its globule or pellet of cuticle philosophy. Escapees have banged against your itinerary, entering into the endless channels, duped by those perscription emugenuteins. An inner theta 'resolves' these siècle problems entrancing the UN to implant emu gonads into other species. 

If technology can freeze the everyday then technology can Thaw the everyday undoing the knit-Six-pearl-two-everyday for feral Ralston Sheep. Hogtied, technology (undo to the space fecally set aside for cinnamon coated accusations of technology) rapes Ester's V-Bonnet, quote, "I was playing the Steinway on the Maenad, piled high with techno-caesurae's opiates in cedar, when an undue ram-fjord entered my peaceful thaw and began to wrap me in textiles a gogo at gunz-utein point. Even if an old womban like myself could recognize an electric mug shot, the gonad globule has already shot me in the taco-nippers."

Aunt Ester's hand knit Bonnet is no Antidote to pent Amunition. Tied to the pines, the dripping tip left Her there to reconsult Her "derby fondness." If socker bop projects make us UN accomplii and if the thread of complicity wets our Aunt Ester's dextrose cleavage, then datum-dueling aside, who in Sicily will give up sensory vitamins? Which of the Ugandans will undo terafirma's major desiccants? Cutagirecully, this is the threat of 'utopian' rhetoric. 

The thaw reveals the bipolar origins of even the soppiest reminiscence. As socks are sold with electric mutagens interwoven, (until the users begin spouting theta and E-baklava tied to bad pill etiquette and the pug ravagement by an entire alter-empire dedicated to hunting guys,) inductees rosin their tied yet privileged senility in the saucepans of judgment. Umbilical Torturesses are organizing their sump pumps and now a teeming cross section is preening for the go ahead, however, it is crucial to fend off the witless kinds of raw lutes on the ship. Otherwise, the urea will be effaced (Undue to Boundary's tramps, 'my mood is tied to despair.')  

By clinging to ennui, there is already an undue reliance on lost oats and melancholy. Which utopian scheme offers technocrats the leakiest Nanotonto. Who's gams are most tied to a pretty cerebral format? Who will be undone in the witless paste of taros? The WhetStone can also rekindle all kinds of erasures, stirring the muck conflates those enamored of lacquer and coquettes and tubeless purt techo-purity. Raw lutes are intrinsic to the ship of possibility, undue to the opine, white grinds who undo wets. By whose whips, by whose minuets to urea are those auroras mandated? Will all Whirring dials undo what doesn't bunt, tip or traverse the levee entranced by vegetal Persians? Mist importantly, will this be another Whig decade?

The utopian-owner feed electric mug shot is gonad wired to think thoroughly through problems. Thug to Thug, entreaties of Thai tares offer nets of temporal nurturers, Priapic-data undoes the pit-duty assigned to the ravioli teens. Often soot concerns the undoers of Terra's firms like beached whales providing cover for the unity of the peasantry, unknitting the mittens of the Volsungs, undoing sadistic deva's with Midas touches. Often Ultra Nuttella has pissed on bulletins, locking the diva's loosely knit bolt of electronic mutility. Anted up to double or nothing sufficants, the bruin caves in over a critical pile of teak and cuticles and begins stinking in the irk of frozen pistons. Soot ululates over the corpses of pigs not worth entertaining. Even the torpid wields endless microfiches of eels. An underworld without hassled proton options thaws the mechanics of inevitability. Thudheads harass the underarms and nipples and try and prevent the thaw of phenol rasiloteins. The market is flooded with electric mug shots of gonads previously released by the utopian-owner feeds of raw lutes in Shiite territory. This is the facial tic of technology.

Whether irking the well knit or courting theta camoflaged behind a wellbeing bag, these cohorts-deemed-passable enter that funtion of gnawing alacrity which has repeatedly whirled the ordure of the estuary. Unknit that explicator with the cancan. Give the gift that keeps on leeching McDonald's logging nets. Respond with something ripened because soot piles of teak and cuticle are nothing without the minions of cedar preteens cremated into piddly urns. Deknit up the prim and prenatally firm. Predate the Host growing on Dad. Wham the knit until it is aroused. The utopian-owner feed e-mutagen Coalition supports Aunt Ester's incomplete tornado.

Thai capacity has uber technical uproots to tip off producers of your complete undoing. The Hubbell telescope signals leave the television wired to Aunt Ester's hand knit cinema of evasion. If by the poplar tree undue choruses of academic desicrators enter stunted axons and close the valet parking with piss and taro (reviled by the trunk guild), then the 'phenol' undoes every synthetic resilient strand of preteen angst. If they're here, then technical-Emu Gonads will be whirled into Tonal scad-resorts. Furriers thaw the prospectus. Act puny for my Beelzebub and undo any jubilation of hominy-agency. The urn dusts Us until we are textualized into explicitly nagging you to vacate tarts by Thai dystopean-one faced e-mutagen nut Protein.

Processed Wired, Dystopean-One Feed Zebu Gonad Specie:

Nagripinta's dram of hiking-ops is hidden there in the whirled wet vessel. After the Attack of the Phenominal smited him, his neck was pushing up petunias. The Technology Estuary has punted, imbibing innumerable drams of pills and allowing the alter-papillae to punt from the hairy hutch. Whet yr lips on that Hunting tit, Butch Dutch. Use an ax, plunged and kneaded by Prig. Braun, Ms. Butch, Mrs. I'Blevein, Thai McLohun-and all the other ensnared characters entered and Duped by Dr. Detritus, Dr. Kronenburg's Vedas and Dramamine. 

Ms NitroPliny's globule cetaceans and the entire firm uses physically lent wets and Similes to garrot the neck of peptones technology: "Rather than filling the cathode with rubies and taboos, we use Aunt Ester's UN ax, which is tangential to the sign. If that mends Ana, we race in with the whetstone of Estonial presentation. Lost in the thrall of Estonia, the tuna will be turned leaving us the rug, leaving us the AX-Panacea... leaving us the roulette." 
The freedom of exchangers to undo circulation reflects the Seabee Gonad Utilitarian Tulles who ousted their Madder Lug's antlers as a bane. Faux Abels, now they tie off in an AX-Panic whenever inner cosmologies bunt, whenever inner cosmologies remind them that they are runts.

Entering Dr. I'Blevein's tramps, there is the fear of scuppers. Contemplating viral load must not succumb to the undue rueing of cheeks. Huge Digital networks leak thugs and chumps by the millions. Swamped by electric liliacs, the tomes of prophecy, chanelled by Sr. Nagripinta, wield allowances that entertain the viewer/cetacean with a role model named Tim who target-groups world culture laterally, assuming the globe is ready to become a Muslim-Croat under Personnel World. The immense Zebra Gonad species of "dull infirm prunetein" wielding an instantly ululating view of both ovum and labia severs ties to an under-velar wielded cinema which combines Stetson totality rather than than the usual microorganism which devours undue amounts of unmounted haunches. Rather than mining, they are set on damning the cruex croutons of cyborg sincerity.

That nitrogen offers heaving, puny populations a chance to undo the bull, reveals the vessel which contains the creator in Infirm Prunetein. Constantly umlauting the veiled view of ovum and labia, Tim "AX-Panache" razes OTB Ester or else unitary Sodoms produce Octuplets who piss and eat betel nut. Contain the tic or the circular pirouette shall undue military bunk-rollers. If Ms Buignotch prevents Ms Nugget Pint's reassertion of lubricautary, then the damning of cruex croutons will flavor Nagripinta's scantier comas. Frame the hems of U.S. Coma/Plantain Plantations within the context of Plan Theta (an Incan thaw technology necessary to tie the Bering Straits to puny undone bulls) and we have the formula for infirm proteaztein tied to the ovarian Estuary implants of the mantis cultures, "After rewireing the hut, the fray flew off to perform duets which would wield King Tubby's mummified navel strewn with anise. However, Union Avenue remittals coerced the fumblers into commiting wets that decrypted the enormous secrecy tableu against wet insurgency. Which computer's duty is most inimitable?"  

Ester presently gourds (fir instance) well more than eight million Goat steins and their liege of aqua tang. Undoing fustier duets, the wet's covert and miry projects, undue to fustier democracy, offer underpayed interns nuttela for purgery. Infirm prenuptial Escapees use psi-weapons, fettering Ester's racing track news. Unca' Perl Valerie's hastily offered cur has undone the Thai cinematic uproots who had carefully constructed theory mucks. Claire is there reloading clips during Lent. Batwing fetiShes in the privets undo military entrustments and thaw development of sorbet and lunkhead tacky lingams. Her funny deafness covers for midrange missile warfare itself and uses this capacity to undo thawing the ties which initially drove the Thighs to "Saab that anemia." 

Military tacky lingums of imaging are undoing sorbet and lunkhead Hoover bacilli purees. If the ions of everyday millenialism succumb to anti-vermin management, then we have a remake of the Veda's encumbrous end wherein stereos, crime and pirouetteing spy satellites saturate all forms of credit, chimpanzees join Alanon and electric clarinets are found bunking together. OPEC bursitis, keystroke coining software, enraged hormone-poisoned officers... these cannot be acredited by the aluminum benzocaine of simplex systems. If mucutaneous sickle cell 'security' used to disrupt the wetware anthill, there is a need today, for Datura poisoning Roboberta Menchusteinisms. The virulent undoing of cilia acting in the theatre of infirm mutagens has been replaced by the abbot's half erect parsnips, threading Octavia/Kristeva strategy with undue threat movements.

Enter Virtual Valerie Solanus's tramps, "UN anomie Escapes none who have been trapped in the growth chamber disguised as a sauna." Nagripinta's vegetal network is ax-plundered leaving us something thud-pummeled yet papillae-wild, AKA 'Double Dutch.' Undone thereby, costumes threaten worlds. Thrall ecstatic if there is one more Coors, one more thigh, one more reason to tie off, a few more raisins with which to speculate. How many cubits belie their capacity of unified tittle. Globules lend-op us while enobling papillas leaving the tit 'bad witched.' Racers of aviary alacrity sperm the trinitronic trans-suction-o-mometer (for encoding the Vedas) promulgating granite 'truces' with ion 'presences' among us. Within the Thugee Underworld unknown resources are tapped with hypnotraps-suction.

Recent credit history, unguents of wheat, even the Inca's gold leaf has been estimated and judged. It entails nothing but a bout with Alacrity and the Trinitronic Tracheas of Puss Action without a hint of the engineer's wet weltanshwang technology. That the Spacers envy all which is in the ink's [presence] verifies the fact that we are already on maneuvers beyond estimation. Usury, Herself, counts Ralston Purina Sheep after being given life for embezzling sorbet lunches. Undo that pyro-doctor with the protean undueing and you are left with Datura Menchustein and a life of infirm mutagen's obituaries of desecration by parsnips, yin, and mama.

The Fiat Cult described these Ralston Purina Sheep as premptive hems on the de-cosign of Theragrams and pumpkin pectin. The Diary of Bantam's pumpkin pectin served us in solitary as you were first bussed and then caught dashing from the suspected fir tree only to incur collateral to corrals strewn with urchins and tractors. Etta James was allowed by Tsarina's strictures, to vary the fawning gourdsman's facial tics like any good witch as defined by the Hondurans. If prisoners produce seminal works, then smite first instead of molting piously. Thimble Pies use belt buckles on prisoners who wield only naval knowhow and an appreciation for early Wham de facto. 

Thai wardens are warier of the bane of the bewitched, therefore they never spare their boot on the wild and always isolated isomers periferal to thud-culture which Thailand has coiled about like a cheap, online MFA. Ouch calls are arranged upon entry to the unwired outpost. Fecund cereals are provided free of charge. Expensive inner worlds are raw in the tip of that dither. Spurted onto diffracted and tetanus inner prisoners, they provide the firmament for antiheroism. Progressive Hoe's behavior (a pittance teutonically) can endure constant hutch-n-ginching even when constrained by undue scrutiny. Puny nipple tech schisms prod the estuaries left as unprofitable by the UN Ur-theta tactile legions. If evacuated vessels exist then they excyst to undo infirm mutagens. There are prisoners of EST having meetings for visions much more wobblier than ours. Do you feel an incessant need to desecrate infirm mutagens?

Cease producing and annotating because of the physical piston within your stricture, life or specie. It is entering Foucault's tramps, the fine knit sampler of user tech necks with life's sweet punishment. Bob Dobbs has sanctioned ovaltine mutility, "Use Fecal Pellets for more Pungent Philosophy." Fecal pellets drop because Extra-Terrestrial arrangers have santions against papillae and entrails on the equatorial region. Salute to a stein of ships if power has the undue knowledge to undo the producers. There is a faction of possible dessicators in fecal jihad pellets who are thus frothier than the infirm Ralston Purina Sheep. Entrail Estimation uses the tech-4 Nihilgene to cue Emu Gonads, the spice from which was produced the original infirm mutagen, algorythmically dialed in from a loosely knit, kinky fraying circulation. 

Surviving a bout with escalator lagoon nodoz, the spice entered into an accord designed for dunces with which the wet's specific power was entrusted, was replaced by loud displays of irk invisibility: Unity was spliced together in the entrails of the wetware bull market/movement. 

If those leaving Andorra to perceive that within the glare of the light is thousands of soubrette lunches infecting inductees, Hoes and even suttees than this must be undue to even the temerity of Estuarial attempts at severity. A Puny nipple tech scrims us for using pitiful disclosures of space's failing hues. Prominence reveres Tolstoy as if that reveals the explicitly unmade pact which incurs debt on the Carotene Industry. Orison Welts and the Mecca Duvet Quartet describes Thai space as "Secrete Masers." Tuna bales it for the enforcer of ordure entering roughly, downtown. Undo the sixth contrail as Lice unglues the entry tares! The safe crackers and the fumblers stick like ancient raiders to the Fiat Cult. Enter Thanatos's forthcoming novel, Baying Bladder Runnier: The Ecology and Life of Fortran, chock full of hedonic data minus umbilical specific spatulas. Undo the fecality which has pelted and laid siege to the frame! Lisa unglues public policies with a contraband ray of lhasas. Undo excess hieght through popular eugenic muteness. 

If Tasmania learns the 'Orb dance to undo choice,' then Andorra will replace the "Himalaya's Cinematic Integument Zinnias" with "Child Millionaire Astute Protein Axclosein Zinnias," as "Diversity Cinematic Integument Mousers" undo the "Efficacy Nightmare" of "Ontological Raster-Op Construed Gonads" impaled on "Demiurge Tech/Polyglitterism." Bones and aShes fill the urn as Evan uses the speculum on Kenny. If emergent injury precedes agency then that navel and lip assortment is deciphering undue government subsides, that is, if midrange Lisa unglues. Her journal describes users downtown as "firetraps" of forced entry and wheat thinness nodding on dazed ruble Clauses. Undo the gestures of collators and watch your urea go kaput as well. Ululate the physical distance of firmness, height and glamour until the glitter usurps the uber-mutter of the public pillory. 

The IRA proved effluent in the Uranus Hoover belt. Wetware terrorists piled the soppiest, saturated secretions onto the upper mycoses. Handywipes and Wheat Thins still tie Amphora to class issues undue to spittle defamation through the limited fracas, hopefully prompting polecat palaces to enter Vampenstein's war. Urban straits urnlaut au lait as naturally described by law and firmament. Ugandan ceasing is with us in "War Seines," of Ennui-City residents. Urea alone has permitted us to Endure the constant undos and undon't of the centralized Vedas and theit sorbet lunches. Under military and spatial uproots, the hussy banal sob story preaches substantives for fir trees and urban policy. Undue to the quieter, more laterally encored tarantellas, Parisians enter into the worlding of threat in order to win priceless Nibilungs, leaving broad entrance to the huts and Duvets culled from the "ScunScupas." Likud Lizards debrief the scups of Veda soubrette lunches undo to any specifics and/or firmaments. PreWhet Dudes and Damsel Struts estrange that purely Thai regional salute to the sound of stiffening ships. 

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Is urea constantly the bane liquid for Unity in Tensegrity? White kenos knife desires by 'tipping the Tao.' Cum Urns are a bane to those pleading for iotas. Entranced, we lay there, frenetic, praline in the due process of Farralon's drug testers. If the vessel was infirm to begin with, then what is it that the mutagen-producing genome map predicts? Is the fact that Wan diggers wad the leeches into pt bags of liquid Udder-Tripe undue to what the Leech's Id wagged during the leak of multi-pt liberation? Undo the phrase "fetishism" and ask your minions, "Doesn't folly explain these dieresis' funk and why must every busted nut stain the hot, wet jets ladled out by the mechanics of virtual licking?" 

Joule Stare's kern tried it's uttermost. It used these weak knees to offer questions and undo interrogation, to thaw the viewer of folly. The "wiry" wetware is undermined by nervine spattering virtual contour-gauze. That VR-whirled hard wick explains more than eschatological Incan prophecy. Enigmatic changes in wheat can be tranfered there by covert pumpkin pectin. Just try and undo purple tumescence. The hues spread like a gene tic in an aviary. Venting Siècle Spacers command future genomes, undoing what "was" urea... always, into bite sized seders of Thai cumber lags. Charred constructs will try to remake heritage transcriptions but who will really want to undo the Damsel/Suttees preffered by the UN salon and it's umbilical abbot front, the IMF sputtering there in the "womb" of that engineered folly. 

A tectonic nihillism yearns for Gore, antedating vermin, reinstating commandments, harking off in stultifying resins of commanders/seducers. Undue to any comfort ratio, the 'subject' wets and then asks Aladdin to undo anything other than the torn "fairies" of the Global Salon. Undo well knit rallies, undo the hard, the firm, the hieghts of Gaza. Hairy, wiry frames Eat lard cubits there under the Sumatran Udder Vextress. If theta trooping undoes the thaw tansies then batten the funk hatches and nutter butter up the cute stenographers who have fallen under the voluntary ruble piracy that eats Damsel Statues for breakfast, leaving only obituaries, Alfalfa sprouts and Tolstoy to oversee the miasma of sputal unfolding.

Confession confers with continuance, undoing while positing fine English Ivory tusks stuffed with edentate. Within Thailand's eastern border the Cambodians have completed dystopean spooks with the gift of gab over soubrette lunches, cum stains tucked in tourist spirotools meant to sign 'Seigfried' not 'Fecundity.' Your name is written on the international use wall.

"Act Prim," I'Blevein talked about the abbot of usury, "Gnaw your way through the Ugh of Mankind. Thus shall the heroin wield comas and obituaries even afterthere was a flash." A Witch's margin wets another Thai cathode-ruby taboo. Mocking Tiaras along the Estuary, you appear bald and wielding tomes of invisibility. Of all the fumbler's 'agnates,' if you had behaved then there would be no cumberous undoings down at the petting zoo. Escape at fifteen seemed impossible, all the piss and Ebola, it reeked in Eugene. Max's pad was irked to discover an answer, finally, to the question 'why?' Escalators chase dingos under the watching Thai eyes. That simplex leases scrutiny by the yard. 

Of unity as an anological globule, Max says alacrity is a trinitronic urchin tractor bearing down at urea fifteen radic and paunch poseing. You see, for luck, life batters options, it ties the heights to multivalent extant portions of sacral fricassee. Whaler Joel's stares irk the uttermost partials, confronting the Sado-Active Mass as if the heights distilled peon's visions, ended up dithering their desiccators using Unguent of Guanine and still acting concerned about the correct number of cubits it might take to thaw Osaka.

Underdone messages give the gift of Enfirmutein Technology by tieing a yellow ribbon around the Onan tree. Justice, assuredly, removed from realism's putrid gift all remnants of e-mutagen in commercial peanut butter. It is Onan's turn to undo conspiracy. Moonies, Asahara and Vietnam's Rong Vang ignore the obvious fecality of Christian gripes. Learning of the opium alarmed The Korean CIA. Cubit after Cubit of opiates are deemed passable in Osaka. The born again Yakuza tie off and untie bondsmen, Spitting Cheroots of meat on fenders of fur traders and spoksemen from subsidiaries of OPEC.  

"Burr-Chide Scanning!" Thailand's Seargeant Bilko, "If Revolutions keep their tallies in tams, then tams are the Unit-Christ; The fact that swears that 'Dave is better!' undoes even Thai Princes. On the other hand, the Prince's life fouls Paulo, who was very well damned during a bull market full of Parisians. Three Points to Thai Lineage on the Suva Matrix! Unity is murky at best and an open threat contained within every firehouse, fire, regatta and hunk. Trodden upon like bale leavers, The Woodstock II generation entered Jason's whoredom-raves tipsy and a bit Racy. Eva was there, riding the murk, well knit, Her blah-blah allowed. Pint Boy sat in the mire, sailing, giddy, irked by his poor forceps. Ms Utah transponded normally entering the cycle of Doctor Octopus' televised teaser. Hay subsisted in a well of BA idioms cremated and eulogized first for refusing the murk and then as one of life's thawing Units (i.e. Basque Chariots.) The novel Use of the doctrine miffed Thai 'Old Boy' Buddists. The murk is there, they dance with bats," refering to the Electric-Scat so crucial to the Christian's praline imbedder, "Harder COPIED wetware hangs from his ASS."
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